1. iwdrm:

"If you shoot this man, you die next."

Reservoir Dogs (1992)


    "If you shoot this man, you die next."

    Reservoir Dogs (1992)

  2. http://bonus.kottke.org/post/62919807434/stephen-hawkings-party-for-time-travellers


    Steven Hawking came up with a simple and clever way of seeing if time travel is possible. On June 28, 2009, he threw a party for time travellers from the future…but didn’t advertise it until after the party was already over.

    In an effort to improve the chances of the party invite being…

    I so want one of those posters.

  3. parislemon:



    A tribute to ROGER EBERT



    My heart hurts.

  4. decryption:

    • Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
    • Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole

    Alt dl: http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/4428136/file.html

    Wow, thanks folks!
    I should point out carly_rae_reznor had the idea, I just cobbled them together.. http://www.reddit.com/r/mashups/comments/19m1nt/a_request_for_which_i_lack_the_technology/

    And the source is revealed. As I said on twitter earlier today, this song is simply unreal. It should not be this good. It’s as if they stuffed it full of MSG.

  5. seanhowe:

    Photograph by Pete Souza, chief official White House photographer.

    President Obama, caught in Spidey’s web. So freaking awesome.

  6. merlin:

    Queen - “Somebody to Love” (A Day at the Races; Prod: Roy Thomas Baker; Elektra; 1976)

    Our current go-to, on-repeat, sing-along, driving-around song for Ellie and me.

    And, let me tell you: you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a five-year-old girl singing along with the chorus of an epic Queen song.

    If you haven’t heard it in a while, definitely give it a listen. What an amazing tune.


    Written by Mercury at the piano, “Somebody to Love” is a soul-searching piece that questions God’s role in a life without love. Through voice layering techniques, Queen was able to create the soulful sound of a 100 voice choir, with that of only three voices; Mercury, Brian May, and Roger Taylor. Deacon did not sing on the album’s track. Mercury’s fascination and admiration for Aretha Franklin was a major influence for the creation of this song.

    In a similar fashion, my 4 year old son’s go to song has been “Bicycle Race” for a couple years now. On the Greatest Hits album we listen to, “Somebody to Love” comes on right after, so this song has always, literally, been a close second.

  7. Exactly.

    (via merlin)

  8. http://danharmon.tumblr.com/post/23339272200/hey-did-i-miss-anything


    Where was I?  Oh yeah.  I’m not running Community for season 4.  They replaced me.  Them’s the facts.

    This makes me very sad, and I’m pretty sure we have Chevy Chase to blame for this. Read the rest here.

  9. Vroom. (Taken with instagram)

  10. Kaiser Soze. (Taken with instagram)

  11. This demo of the HTML5-based Recursive Drawing tool at first appears rather boring. But give it 2 minutes. That’s when it turns mind-blowing.

    Then go draw something

    (Source: vimeo.com)

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